Roger Clark

Roger Clark is a chartered accountant specialising in outsourced corporate governance assurance plus recruitment in that field worldwide. Roger is much travelled, having been to 70 countries across every continent except Australasia. He first became a financial accountant, later an internal auditor, later a corporate governance expert. He defines corporate governance assurance as the governance of an entity sensibly, legally and efficiently while achieving the strategic aims of the entity. Corporate governance shop’s key offerings are, in alphabetical order: commercial mediation, cyber security, due diligence, health and safety, internal audit, operational reviews, quality assurance, peer reviews, risk management. He is a creative person, having written poems and plays, two of which plays have been performed on a public stage.

Corporate governance: New and emerging risks in the uk and the world: will your entity stand up to scrutiny regarding corporate governance?

A talk about the new risks of all kinds threatening entities, from geopolitical risks, to cyber security to new kinds of fraud


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