Sara Rego

Meet Sara Rego, General Manager of UK2 Group. With over 20 years in the telecommunications industry, Sara’s experience and knowledge covers business and marketing strategy, product development, change management, recruiting and training. Sara joined UK2 Group in January 2013 after working in various international enterprises, ranging from startups to highly established businesses in both mature and developing markets around the globe. Sara’s skills in leadership, strategic business development and marketing make her an invaluable asset from which we can learn and grow. Let Sara show you how to make the web your own.

How to Get Your Business Online

Having a great idea for a lucrative business is thrilling. But how do you turn theory into something tangible? In this presentation you will learn how to transform your idea into an online presence. We will look at branding, discuss how to choose the perfect domain name, explore various web hosting options, and investigate building your very own website. We will even add in some extras, such as the power of loading times and online security. Are you ready to begin?