​Ifty Nasir

An entrepreneur since his teens, developed and honed his skills as an “intrapreneur” in the global energy industry over 25 years.
Ifty believes that holding ‘Equity’, (e.g. Shares, Options etc.) in a business, engenders deeper emotional and psychological bonds to it. This in turn, aligns interests, making each holder vested in the business’ success.
His mission is to power the “Equity Economy”; allowing everyone the potential for a real stake in the businesses they help to build, grow and thrive.
His platform, Vestd, uses technology to eliminate the usual cost and complexity of setting-up, managing and maintaining compliant share and option schemes.

Streamlining the process of sharing ownership with your team.

Streamlining the process of sharing ownership with your team
Ifty Nasir explains the power of sharing some ownership of the business with your team, and how SMEs need not struggle with the cumbersome, dated processes that have traditionally made it challenging to set up and administer legally compliant share schemes to reward employees and other team members.
Learn a technology solution which enables business owners to set conditions for shares and manage the transactions smoothly and quickly.