Amanda Webb and David Callé

Amanda Webb has held senior roles in rapidly growing organisations across high tech and telco, in both the SME sector and corporate. Amanda focuses on the infrastructure and information needed to be informed and proactive when sustaining a period of growth.

David Callé has held senior roles in various sectors across SME’s and Corporate entities. His leadership took Quattro Plant Ltd to be voted a 29th fastest growing private company in the UK as listed in the Sunday Times, BDO Profit Trak 100. David focuses on securing the finance to support growth and operational efficiencies.

5 proven strategies to support Business Growth

The Sunflower Group will be sharing the top 5 challenges business owners face when managing growing businesses. We will present strategies to navigate these challenges and strengthen the business to support continued growth.


  • John Kent: Speaking at The Business Show

    John Kent

    Alternative Funding.. Where to go if your bank says No

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    Francesca Dal Corso

    What are the secrets to a limitless memory?

  • Alun R Parry: Speaking at The Business Show

    Alun R Parry

    Wake up and smell the coffee

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    Gordon Glenister

    How membership models will enhance revenue, improve engagement, and create fabulous communities.