Gordon Glenister

Gordon Glenister is an international speaker and business growth expert specialising in the membership and merchandise sectors. He has set up exhibitions, launched magazines and online education programmes among many things in his career. He has also worked for international drinks brands, H P Bulmer and Grants of St James in senior sales management roles. Gordon lead the promotional merchandise industry as director general for over 11 years until September this year where he started his own consultancy and training company. Gordon is a fellow of the Institute of Sales management and voted personality of the year by the British Promotional Merchandise Association.

The membership and subscription economy is booming at the moment as many entrepreneurs see the value of monetizing their products or services by creating exclusive content, running education courses, adding additional benefits or just being part of a fan base. Gordon will share his insights on why membership could be right for your business

How membership models will enhance revenue, improve engagement, and create fabulous communities.

Gordon is a passionate advocate of online communities, tribes, membership and subscription behaviour. If you want to create membership or community models for your business, you shouldn''t miss Gordon''s keynote session.