Liz O’Brien

Having sat through more safety inductions, audits and training sessions than most people, Liz knows what brings life to safety and what doesn’t. Liz’s passion has always been helping employers and their workers to stay safe.

How not to kill people with safety!

You have to do it, so why make it painful? Are you fed up of saying the same thing time and time again and not getting anywhere? Do you find it boring, pointless, expensive, time consuming, if your answer is Yes to any of these, this is the seminar for you!

This talk is about spicing up the message and getting people to take action. This seminar will talk about different techniques and ideas to get people motivated, and how to turn words in to action.


  • Bianca Miller-Cole & Byron Cole: Speaking at The Business Show

    Bianca Miller-Cole & Byron Cole

    Self Made or Die : Innovate Sales Strategy for Business Success

  • Rupert Trevelyan: Speaking at The Business Show

    Rupert Trevelyan

    How to value your business and put in place the foundations to negotiating a successful sale!

  • Gordon Glenister: Speaking at The Business Show

    Gordon Glenister

    How membership models will enhance revenue, improve engagement, and create fabulous communities.

  • Sarah Restall: Speaking at The Business Show

    Sarah Restall

    Mental Health and Business- Let's #stop the stigma and start talking