Nick Baskett

Nick is the Managing Consultant with UKGDPR, he has almost 20 years’ experience in Cyber Security and Privacy fields and 30 years in IT. He has led major compliance projects for retail, manufacturing, financial companies as well as a large regulator.

Nick is the Data Protection Officer for Holland & Barrett and acts as an advisor to internal company DPO’s for a number of businesses. He holds a diploma from the Financial Times as a Non-Executive Director and has been a invited speaker around the world including Oxford University, RSI Saudi Arabia, COSAC Ireland and Finsec, New York, USA.

GDPR and Marketing. Promoting your Business and Customer Trust

The new regulatory environment has sent a shockwave through the marketing world. This seminar will not be a rehash of the blogs you have already read on GDPR. Instead, you will get pragmatic examples of overcoming real world problems and learn how you can promote your business and engage with your customers without falling foul of the new laws.


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