Ombretta Mancini,

Ombretta Mancini, Owner and Founder of Own Your Step, dreams of a world where every Leader inspires by being both teacher and student, where every stray dog has a forever home and where chocolate burns calories.
As an Organisational Consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world, Ombretta
leverages her varied background combining Coaching, Core Energy Leadership, Positive Psychology,
Neuroscience, Design Thinking and Organisational Innovation to help her clients connect their business
dots in unique ways for maximum results.
When she''s not helping organisations be awesome, you can find her at weekly music jams with her
husband, exploring the London food scene, listening to live music, reading, travelling, learning, and
napping ... whenever possible.
Mostly, Ombretta feels honoured and privileged to do the work she does. Her clients, and the work they do together, are an endless source of pride and inspiration.

Take Your Innovation Game From Zero To Hero

It’s no secret that almost no company can survive without innovation. However, creating and managing an environment that allows space for innovative thinking, can be challenging. In this seminar, Ombretta Mancini from Own Your Step will share how by making a few small (free!) changes, companies can easily cultivate an innovation-centric environment that will boost creativity, improve their decision-making, and, ultimately, offer them a significant competitive advantage.