Richard Goodwin

I run a long established training firm providing funded training on behalf of organisations training. With my Warwick MBA I have now worked in three contrasting industries: manufacturing, publishing/data and now training and education.
I am London-based and am past-Chair of both the group developing an Apprenticeship for the Careers sector and the University of Warwick London Alumni Network. I am well known within the London-business sector (West London in particular) and my firm was awarded West London SME of the Year (Highly Commended) 2018 as well as Apprentice of the Year and Responsible Workplace of the Year (Highly Commended) at the ceremony in Wembley Stadium.

The Government can pay for your firm’s training needs.

The seminar will look at options for firms implementing vocational training (office-based or non-office based) funded through current government schemes.


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