Sophie Bennett

Sophie Bennett is a best-selling author, professional keynote speaker and motivation and leadership expert. Her recent book, Find Your Flame- Why Motivation Matters More Than Talent, features interviews with 50 thought leaders, uncovers what motivates them, how they discovered their genius streak and the steps they took to reach the top. She has appeared in Psychologies Magazine, Metro, Thomson Reuters Global Markets Forum, BBC radio, numerous podcasts, Moneywise, and written for Gulf News. In business she founded, built and sold a telecoms company, consulting for and won multi-million dollar proposals for corporates clients and led a global content team at Dell. She is a former champion dressage rider and a qualified ski instructor. He background as a businesswoman and sporting winner guarantees inspiring content, fresh ideas and a unique take on success.

The 4 Pillars of Profitable Thought Leadership

Discover the blueprint the most highly paid experts use to charge the highest prices, land the best clients and
become the ‘go-to’ person. Learn the specific steps thought leaders take to achieve recognised expert status
and you can take them yourself. A must-see seminar for consultants, coaches, authors and trainers and
professionals who want to grow an expertise based business and financially leverage their know-how.


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