Siddhant Singh

Siddhant Singh is a co-founder of Business Pro Creations. With years of experience in sales, lead generation, business development, digital marketing and project management, he is capable of providing clients with the best solutions. Being the storehouse of excellent skills, utmost creativity, and analytical capabilities, he can assess all business requirements of clients and fulfil them on time. By effectively managing service oriented consultative sales team in his career span, he knows how to lead, motivate and inspire others to achieve success. He has worked on several projects based in the USA, Europe and others at the project management levels.
With a commendable track record of significantly boosting the revenues of numerous clients, he has really come a long way. His undying efforts as a professional have aided him to make a mark in the business development world. As he keeps himself updated with all the latest business development strategies, he can always meet the foremost demand of clients.

The Future is Digital

Digital marketing is continuously evolving at a rapid pace. So, it is crucial to implement the most advanced and business aligned strategies for maximum return on investments. Our experts apply the potent strategies and techniques suited to our clients’ business needs. We help our clients in every possible way to expand their business digitally. Once they opt for our comprehensive digital marketing services, we make sure they beat the game in the digital world.

Siddhant Singh will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 3 - Thursday 15.30 - 16.00: The Future is Digital


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