Simon Bulteel

Simon Bulteel is the owner of Cooden Tax Consulting which recently celebrated its 5th Birthday and its first £1m claim. As a qualified Accountant, Simon developed his interest in Research and Development Tax Relief in 2004 when a client developed a 60ft shipping container used by the British Army to purify water. He left practice in 2006 and moved to a global Clinical Research Organisation where he designed the methodology for the company to claim, which led to enhanced losses of several £m, deferring corporation tax for years. It also exposed him to R&D Tax Relief in France and the Netherlands. In 2012, after redundancy, he joined a World Championship winning motorsport team in Sussex and helped them to prepare a claim. In September 2013 he left the company and began working full time in Cooden Tax Consulting after a brief stint of moonlighting! Come and pick his Brain!

The A – Z Guide for claiming Research and Development Tax Relief

Whilst the Tax Relief has been available for 18 years it remains a mystery to most small companies and their advisors. The A-Z guide offers an alternative, yet informative guide allowing you to understand the benefits that a claim for R & D Tax Credits could bring to your business, both in terms of cashflow and investment in future R&D Projects. “A is for Anyone” is a good starting point and will get you thinking!

Simon Bulteel will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 4 - Wednesday 11.45 - 12.15: The A – Z Guide for claiming Research and Development Tax Relief


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