Sophie Slavin

Passionate about all things people, communication and creativity related, my business offers services to boost brand awareness, promote campaigns, assist/run social media pages for businesses from creating content to engaging with your followers (and potential/existing customers). In a nutshell I provide Social Media advice, training and/or management. Having been set up since April 2017 we have a number of long term clients as well as having received two shortlisted awards for Best New Business and Startup of the Year.

Social Media for your Business

Come along if you would you like some tips and advice on how best to use Social Media for your business and understand how you can use it to boost your brand and ultimately create more customers. From using different platforms to how to get seen - we’ll provide a bitesize session so that you can get started on Social properly!

Sophie Slavin will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 9 - Wednesday 14.00 - 14.30: Social Media for your Business


  • Rob Goddard: Speaking at The Business Show

    Rob Goddard

    Selling a business – The secret’s in the preparation

  • Philip de Lisle: Speaking at The Business Show

    Philip de Lisle

    How to buy a business

  • Alex Bodini: Speaking at The Business Show

    Alex Bodini

    How to navigate the ever changing waters of social media

  • Emily Groves: Speaking at The Business Show

    Emily Groves

    Top 5 questions you should be asking your energy broker