Søren Pople

In the last ten years Søren has worked across a range of businesses in a variety of markets. He has helped set up two successful companies, as well as experiencing one failure. His experiences have equipped him with a wealth of knowledge of what works and what doesn’t when running a business in a digital world.

How To Discover Your Audience For The Ultimate Online Strategy.

In this digital age, knowing who your audience is, where to find them and how to attract them, can make or break a business. This seminar covers the key fundamentals that any business leader should consider in their online journey. We will explore the importance of discovering who your audience is, how your brand is perceived, and the core digital marketing channels we teach for online success.


  • Marc Freymann: Speaking at The Business Show

    Marc Freymann

    Helping Marketeers through Call Intelligence

  • Rupert Trevelyan: Speaking at The Business Show

    Rupert Trevelyan

    How to value your business and put in place the foundations to negotiating a successful sale!

  • Ben Chisell: Speaking at The Business Show

    Ben Chisell

    Expanding a product to a new market

  • Laurence Hodgens: Speaking at The Business Show

    Laurence Hodgens

    UK and US Tax Self-Assessment Support Services