Vic Ciuffetelli

Oversees the worldwide growth and expansion of ActionCOACH, Engage & Grow and ProfitPLUS, Vic brings more than 21 years of experience within every aspect of the franchising and licensing industry. Vic has a wide range of experience and innate knowledge of franchising which has allowed him to grow franchises to massive worldwide success on every continent in the world.

Passionate about the philosophy of helping business owners create better businesses. Through education and the coaching process business owner’s gain insight that leads to impactful change in every area, including personal and family lives. Living that philosophy, Vic has made leading the world’s number one business coaching firm, ActionCOACH along with Engage & Grow and ProfitPLUS a very fulfilling purpose.

Putting the heart back into UK Organisations

Deloitte recently stated that engagement is one of the key elements every successful business needs but most businesses have terrible engagement levels. In fact, Gallup recently reported only 17% of UK employees are engaged at work. Your brain is your systems, programmes and predicts, and your heart is your relationships, communications, culture and leadership. This seminar will provide you with the bite size learnings on how to increase employee engagement.