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SCARED SO WHAT offers a unique approach on personal and organisational change management.  Our uniqueness is that while most organisations use models that focus solely on the company, we focus on the individual within and the organisation as well.   It’s a radical approach, we know!  Imagine, focusing on the actual people that are expected to carry out the change by including their wants and understanding of change as well.

Global change experts and research shows that organisational change has a high  propensity towards failure.  And when you ask why, the answer points towards the lack of focus being given to the individuals within the change process.  That’s where we succeed by bridging the gap between the organisation and the people who are intrinsically involved in the change.

How? With our SSW Certified Instructors program that is accredited and endorsed by The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) and the UK CPD, Certification company as well as being fully endorsed by The Oxford Review.

Then, we use the world’ first bespoke personal change model SCARED SO WHAT along with our app and web-based technology to support individual change.  From there, we connect that technology to give the organisation first-hand, real-time insights into change as it happens.  That is making organisational change management inclusive.

It’s time to help our people reduce stress, fear, worries, anxiety regarding personal change where ever they are.  It’s also time that we work to make organisational change successful by including the very people we depend on to carry out the change.  We can now do that with SCARED SO WHAT.


Our contribution to this year's winners is a package for 2 people to participate and become SCARED SO WHAT Certified Instructors.  Two lucky members will participate in our online curriculum, followed by a two-hour virtual workshop with our founder Dr. Grant Van Ulbrich. There, he will solidify your learning in this pioneering change methodology to help you and your business thrive in change.  From there, you both will have the opportunity to show your knowledge when you present your learnings to Dr. Grant.  Once you do that to his satisfaction, you'll each earn three accreditations.  1) Scared So What Certified Instructor from SSW LTD. 2) ITOL Certified Instructor. 3) UK CPD Certified Instructor with 6 CPD points.  You'll also receive a copy of Dr. Grant's new book Transforming Sales Management: Lead sales teams through change released by Kogan Page Publishers.  And finally, you'll each have your accreditation and picture placed on the wall of fame at the SSW Website as Certified Instructors.


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