Accountancy - Revolutionised

25 Nov 2021

In any given industry we believe with the right foundation, you can build the best economic model. Of course with the help of some basic ingredients of;

-      planning, 

-      implementing the latest available technologies, (not only IT tech but classical business know-how, business modelling) 

-      bringing a likeminded team together

-      investors to invest in such business models

-      and of course, entrepreneurial skills  


So, is it possible to achieve great success and create the next big business, like Uber   Deliveroo, etc?


We believe revolution is a subject in any given industry, moreover it’s inevitable.


An entrepreneur ‘s main motivator is success. Success to you and me may not be the same as another. However, the common denominator will always be finding the ‘whilst hopefully challenging the conventional Big Guys in the long run.


I also believe achieving such success in an accountancy business is possible with the help of developments in digitalisation, FINTECH, open banking, OCR text recognition, coloration tools for remote working and efficiency, so on and so forth. Bringing in all the above and other available technologies, innovation, know-how, and business models will help efforts to create the next big thing in our industry; the accountancy industry.


The franchise business model is where it starts. Learning from the new business models such as the shared economy and mending the problems of classical business models, might help bring the human-AI into action where professionals join the business model as stakeholders, accelerating the progress and specialisation. Before AI takes it over anyway!


Let’s not be scared of revolutions, because whether we like it or not, change is approaching.

Faruk Kilickaya, Company Founder