Accountant of the future

25 Nov 2021

In this world we are influenced by two major laws: Gravity and Economy. 

Absolutely everything in this universe moves thanks to the gravity, and absolutely any other thing that moves the planet is because of the economy. And as we all know, talking about economy, it means we are talking about MONEY. 

Everywhere you go in the world you will notice that people use different financial instruments such as money, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency nowadays and other commodities to purchase goods or services for themselves or for their business. Normally you are not able to buy products or services with likes or shares on Instagram, only if, of course you are a famous influencer, and this is how your work is paid for. 😊

To keep a track on the movement of money we need accountancy, and accountancy is the bread and butter of the economy in every society in the world. 

During the covid-19 pandemic, accountants all over the world have been placed under huge pressure, both professional and personal. Without exaggerating, accountants could be considered front line workers, and this is because they had to be in constant contact with the clients in order to help keep the business to stay healthy, up and running as well as to avoid catastrophic financial losses. 

People’s fear in general created a treat to the industry and this fear has been growing gradually from three different areas: 

  • Lockdown and Restrictions during Covid-19 Pandemic 

  • The impact of Brexit along with the threats generated by the pandemic 

  • Fast migration to a digital era.