Attack your Hurricanes and Thrive: turn threat into opportunity

Manley will take you and your team on an unforgettable journey straight into Hurricane Michael. You will join the team as they meet for the first time and  begin the path to being a strong team. How they cope with both failure and success and take the challenge of a hurricane head on to turn the threat into a great opportunity.

Lessons learnt include;

  • Create a strong, coherent team - the principle of “Collective Brilliance”
  • Dealing with both success and failure - the power of positivity to learn from both.
  • Reveal the 1st and most important role of leadership.
  • Shut up and listen!
  • Developing the “caring” aspect of the leadership culture with compassionate leadership.
  • Creating the compassionate leadership culture that delivers team commitment, and,
  • How commitment is the source of resilience, collaboration and performance.
  • How the application of compassionate leadership enables the turning of a perceived threat into an opportunity by using language as a tool to tap into the intrinsic motivational needs of others.
  • Improve the confidence and capability of leadership in the “new normal”
  • Embed tangible tools that the leadership community can use daily - “making actions real”

All delivered in an energetic and engaging style that results in long lasting mindset and behavioural shifts.


The Workshop is built around the Keynote and is inspiring, entertaining & interactive, with the intent to demonstrate the application of the key learnings and encourage & enable the delegates to use the tools learnt throughout the workshop in their daily lives beyond.

Recognising that stories are 22 times more memorable than facts, we will use a mix of powerful metaphors and story-telling, using vivid images and videos, with delegate activities and discussions.

The main themes of the workshop include:

  • Check-in -  learning from the North Sea Oil rigs we introduce a powerful activity to help express and handle emotions & distractions, and build trust within the team by establishing psychological safety. The “Check-in” is a tool that should be used before every meaningful meeting as it is a precursor to meaningful & open debate, decision making and buy-in.
  • The Big Story - the main interactive element of this Keynote will be an exercise of 3-questions that accelerates delegate reflection and self-awareness & creates a psychologically safe haven to enable meaningful sharing. The impact of this session is huge and is a major step in ensuring a culture of greater collaboration. The principle and method for this powerful exercise is to enable the delegate to emotionally immerse themselves deep within the story using strong images, videos and through inspirational story-telling. Once in, the story stops and the delegates are asked to join Manley on the journey and reflect on 3 questions

If you are to invest this much time and effort in your life, what do you want to take away for yourself

How will you work together on this adventure

What do you want to achieve

We reflect and share. The energy is high as the delegates contemplate both the synergies and the differences fostering a true culture of inclusion and commitment. We learn about our own and others’ inner motivational drivers, which we then use as the foundation for developing a leadership culture that drives commitment and performance.

Attack the Hurricane - the hugely powerful and impactful story of attacking the hurricane has absolute parallels to the real world and is the proof in the efficacy of all the preceding elements of the workshop. It set’s the mindset of turning a perceived threat into an opportunity delivering high performance, removing fear and gain commitment on the back of the insights gained through The Big Story


The sub-stories embedded within the main story are rich and varied and each can be brought to the surface to highlight a number of specific leadership, team dynamic and personal development topics, including:

  • Resilience - understand and learn how to develop the 4 components of resilience: Emotion, Mindset, Energy and Health. We can expand the focus on building resilience as either a supportive element or as the main theme of the workshop
  • Compassionate Leadership - is introduced within all our keynotes and workshops,. We can dive deeper into the principles of compassion using the definition of the Dalai Lama of compassion being “understanding with positive action”, with compassionate leadership being defined as to “secure the best for all” , and is a proven route to,

Commitment - we can explore more on the principles, source and impact of commitment and challenge the existing paradigm of compliance. We believe that the main purpose of leadership is to gain commitment.

Mr Manley Hopkinson, Inspirational Keynote Speaker - The Compassionate Leadership Academy.