Bettering Yourself to Build a Better Company

24 Oct 2021

A company is built on the dedication, productivity, and wellness of its employees, and by investing in them, you’re
investing in the future of your business.
This seminar will be led by Thais Gibson, who is a best-selling author, speaker, and co-founder of international e-
learning platform The Personal Development School.
As a leader in the personal development field, Thais and her team will be discussing the intricacies of
interpersonal relationships and the secrets to bringing the best out of yourself and those around you – and how
that prepares your company for their best year yet.
The seminar will explore how people communicate in their workplace relationships, how to resolve conflict, how to
improve individual wellbeing, and how to motivate those in your corporation to achieve their goals.
Attendees will also learn more about the conscious and subconscious mechanisms that contribute to strong
interpersonal relationships, goal-setting, and individual wellness. From there, the seminar will explore different
tools that individuals can use to improve their daily life, refresh their perceptions, and build strong relationships to
themselves and others.
If you are looking to transform your company on an individual and organizational level in the post-pandemic world, this is the seminar for you.

Thais Gibson, Founder - The Personal Development School
Sjorland Gibson, Partner - The Personal Development School