Closing the COVID Learning Gap the Tutor Doctor way

25 Nov 2021
An unfortunate result of the pandemic is that many students have fallen behind in core subjects. A recent study by
McKinsey & Co. found that on average students are five months behind in mathematics and four months behind in reading.
This can happen for a many reasons - some students are in an environment that isn’t conducive to learning, while others
may have difficulty concentrating without in-person instruction. Whatever the reason, continued remote learning has
impacted students over the last academic year.
As students start the new academic year, many will be faced with the reality of catching up from lost learning from the
previous year. This is why Tutor Doctor continues to see a surge in demand for tuition services - to help students build back
both their learning and their confidence
Mr Nigel Mayne, Director, International Franchise Development - Tutor Doctor