Electric Vehicles: How will your business make the switch?

25 Nov 2021

In March 2021, UK Government announced a ban on the registration of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030; that’s now less than 9 years away!


And whilst there are some exceptions to this rule, with some plug-in hybrids (PHEVS) along with some full hybrids available until 2035, the move towards Electric and alternative fuel is certainly gathering pace.


How critical are cars and commercial vehicles to your business operation?  How do you plan on making this transition in your business?


When should you start planning; and importantly, what will you need to prepare?  What options are available to your business; and what will the likely cost implications be?


Join Paul Bulloch, CEO at Concept Vehicle Leasing, and he will talk you through everything you need to know about the transition to Electric, and what you’ll need to do to prepare your business for 2030.

Mr Paul Bulloch, CEO - Concept Vehicle Leasing