Neuroscience of Leadership, High Performance and Wellbeing: Success without Sacrifice

24 Nov 2021
Neuroscience of Leadership, High Performance and Wellbeing: Success without Sacrifice

Have you ever wondered why some individuals thrive and grow with challenges and pressure, while others struggle with the same circumstances? How the minds of elite performers differ from ordinary people? Why so many people suffer with mental illness?

Elite Mind founder Evelina has been researching those questions for over a decade, leading to the development of new, innovative approaches to leadership performance, personal development, wellbeing and mental health.

In this talk, Evelina will share with you how by tapping into the knowledge about our nervous system can transform the way we work, the way live, and the way we lead our teams. You will learn how to use neuroscience to:

  • Build Individual and Organisational Resilience
  • Improve Performance and Productivity
  • Regulate your Emotions
  • Reduce Stress, Depression and Anxiety
  • Achieve Goals and exceed targets
  • Drive Innovation & Creativity
  • Ensure Wellbeing and Mental Health
  • Find meaning and Purpose

The way we live today is very different to how we have evolved to survive over millions of years. This journey shapes our brain and nervous system, influencing our behaviour, thoughts and emotions. We think of ourselves as rational, intelligent human beings, but in reality, most of the time we are driven by the subconscious habits, automatic routines, and emotional impulses of our much older parts of the brain.

The human brain is the most amazing and complex thing on the planet. By learning how it evolved to perform, we can tap into our limitless potential and design our organisations and social environments in a way that enables every individual to be their best where it matters the most.

Join Evelina for this seminar to learn how!