Entrepreneurs Blueprint for Profit : 10 Steps to £10k Take-Home

25 Nov 2021

The path to profit is not found by chance. It is a deliberate journey, planned and executed with a clear understanding of the numbers. It all starts with the numbers in your business and ends with the numbers in your pocket.


But the numbers in your business are scary? Overwhelming? Boring?

Not when they show profit! Or better still growing profits! Your numbers become interesting, exciting and empowering! And you want to get up front and personal with them!


I am going to look at why you should put profit first in your business.

I’m going to show you simple ways to look at your numbers so they are not scary, overwhelming or boring! In fact – they will be exciting, inspiring and way more fun to look at!


Make no mistake – dreams, goals and objectives have costs. They demand your time, your money or frequently both! So let’s look at how putting profit first will help you achieve both your business and personal goals much faster than traditional budgeting and goal setting or no goal setting at all.

I’m going to share some simple profit strategies and techniques that will help you get super clear on your profit goals and what you need to do next to make them happen.

A business that makes no profit, a little profit or ‘just about enough’ profit is stressful, frustrating and limits your opportunities, but a profitable business that affords you the freedom, the opportunity and the funds to live your dreams?  A business that allows you to take home £10 per month? Or more? Well, that’s pretty exciting!!


Join me and let’s explore your profit journey together!

Lisa Dickson - Caseron Cloud Accounting