Fielding your best team!

24 Nov 2021

The benefits of an engaged team are numerous.  In fact research shows that organisations with high employee engagement outperform those with low levels of engagement by 202%.  Not only that, an engaged workforce result in 21% greater profitability!  So surprisingly another statistic tells us that 35% of leaders say that focussing on employee engagement distracts from getting “real work” done! 

This session explores how individuals make an impact to a role, team and/or organisation, and how, when team members feel they are making a valuable contribution they are more engaged. 

Hazel will speak about and demonstrate the G C Index, which is a technology based organimetric which empowers organisations to drive productivity and achieve results by creating game-changing teams & cultures.

She will also explore the power of team coaching, while never losing sight of how powerful each individual’s contribution is.

Hazel Cole, Personal Coach for Business Owners - Headsail Business Coaching Ltd