Fraud: An ever evolving threat, how to protect your business

24 Nov 2021

Counter-fraud is an important focus for the public sector today, but the issues are also increasingly prevalent to the private sector. Through real and relevant examples, the seminar will demonstrate how new avenues of exploitation for criminals and fraudsters are continually being opened, as seen with the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Over the last decade there has been an increased effort with government counter-fraud measures, but these do not translate to actions within the private sector. Modern targeted fraud campaigns are often accompanied with an alarming amount of resource and organisation behind them, but simple steps and processes can offer barriers and protection. This is something that the guest speaker will address. 


There is still an obvious inability in many corporate processes to recognise that the threat is from internal not just external factors, and that is often why this type of crime remains undetected for long or indefinite periods of time. This seminar offers steps and techniques a company can take to tackle that risk.


 In order to protect against fraud, first you must be able to identify it. Only then can you understand and prevent it. This seminar will focus on Understanding the complexities and realties of the threat, offer steps to Harness technology and resources available to address those threats and demonstrate that developing key skill sets and processes to protect your business is both possible and essential. 

Tamsin Dawe, Commercial Director - Razor Global Solutions Ltd