How to Fail at Public Speaking

25 Nov 2021

Public speaking is a very broad term that you would most likely hear in phrases like ‘I am no good at public speaking’, ‘Public speaking is something that requires a talent’, or ‘Public speaking is what politicians do so it’s not for me’.


In reality public speaking is something we do every day when we communicate with others (or ‘public’). The problems start when we over-complicate the task of delivering a presentation which results in a too formal, disengaging and often boring performance.


Avoid falling into these common mistakes when it comes to presentations and start being the best speaker you can be whether it’s a discussion of a work project, advertising your services or engaging in networking conversations.


You will learn how to structure your message, how to connect to your potential clients on a personal level, and how to be remembered by those who hear you speak about the solutions that your business provides.

You will take away a clear step by step process of creating your talk or presentation.

You will discover the magic phrase that will make it clear to your client that you are the person to go to when they need services in your field.


This will be useful for all business owners, either at the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey or those who need to re-engage with their clients and network connections.

Marina Roberts, Confidence Coach - Marina Roberts, Confidence Coach.