Leveraging Your Credibility for Hassle Free Lead Generation

24 Nov 2021

65% of all new business opportunities come from referrals. And it must be the oldest form of marketing in the world.

And yet so few people look at word of mouth marketing in a strategic manner.

When done right the traditional sporadic referrals received from clients, friends and family can be turned into a targeted channel for your business.

By choosing the right businesses to partner with, you can build a consistent pipeline of new opportunities that exactly match your ideal target customer, and they’ll come to you on a plate already trusting the level of service you’ll provide.

It means they’re unlikely to shop around or haggle on price, so the sales cycle is a short one.

And the best thing about this, is you don’t need to hustle to get those partners on board.

By understanding the value, you can deliver you can use your credibility and expertise to position (NOT sell) a genuine partnership opportunity.

In this seminar you’ll gain an overview of:

WHY your perfect partner would want to work with you

WHAT support you should provide them to ensure success


HOW to build rock solid relationships with your partners that can last a lifetime
Dave Plunkett - The Collaboration Junkie