Preparing your business buying strategy for more successful outcomes

24 Nov 2021

Whilst Business Partnership is known best for selling businesses, the flip side of the deal is that we spend a lot of time vetting buyers. Perhaps more correctly, potential buyers. 


Every interest we receive on a business sale, ever person we speak with, has the potential to be the new owner of that business. In reality, we can tell from a first call which aren’t going to make the cut. 


Our experience combined with a full understanding of what our clients want in a buyer allow us to identify who won’t be successful. There are also some red flags raised by buyers which are immediate warning signs for us to close the conversation down quickly. However, some things can be changed. 


If you’re looking to buy your next business, this presentation will teach you how to prepare yourself for the conversations ahead. We will share with you what a buyer and a sales broker are looking for in a buyer. The pitfalls to avoid and the tick boxes to aim for. 


It all starts with you as the buyer. 

What do you want to buy? 

What's your budget?

What can you bring to the business that will make the owner entrust you with it?


These and more questions answered by Paul Dodgshon from Business Partnership. 

Paul Dodgshon, Sales Director and Regional Partner - Business Partnership