Simple steps to Sell online your services or products

25 Nov 2021

Before 2020, every small business was feeling the pain brought by the online competition from online big ecommerce sites and from large retailers.
While this was already bad enough, the Pandemic absolutely made the life of every business so much more complicated facing many new difficulties.

Every small business needs to evaluate new ways to market, evaluate new technologies to not only compete in this new world, but adjust and thrive to new hights.
Technology is a powerful tool that coupled with the passion that every small business owner brings, will have a meaningful influence on your success.

In this seminar, we will look at what are the steps every company, selling to consumers, or to other businesses, selling products or selling services, needs to think about to develop a winning online strategy and take advantage of what you offer that no one else has from Media presence, to Website, Ecommerce sites, targeted Adds, as well as what to avoid, as not everything will pay off.

We will focus on technologies easy to use, that do not require technical knowledge and that do not require big budgets to implement, that every business has access to.

Mr Patrick Plawner, CEO - LiveShop