Social Media For Business; How To Succeed Post The Pandemic

25 Nov 2021

Whatever your business industry, your year of trading, or location, every business faced the same challenge starting in 2020; a pandemic resulting in localised lockdowns. This sudden, urgent and desperate change meant people, both in their personal and professional lives took to the one place that would connect them; online.

The online world faced a flurry of people using it. There were great opportunities for companies to get their teams to work from home using video conferencing software, and opportunities for businesses to utilise e-commerce.

Though post pandemic, this sudden surge has now left an empty shell of opportunity, an online fatigue people wish to escape and questions if online buying is here to stay. For businesses this has meant an extremely busy online world, that has seen a cost in advertising increase by nearly 50% in the past 12 months.

Whether you enjoy YouTube, can’t stand Instagram, want to know the point in TikTok or think Twitter is just a place for bullying, complaining and is pointless, this talk from award-winning marketeer and TedX speaker will open your mind.

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Kizzie Nicholson, Social Media Marketing Specialist - Social Fireworks Ltd