The Four Pillars of Rapid Business Growth

25 Nov 2021

To grow a business, it’s important to understand the levers that drive its success.  For Illuminet we identified four pillars were key.   

 - Multipliers – how do you expand your ability to sell and/or deliver?  By understanding what the multipliers are in your business to support growth. By understanding how these can drive growth you can better support them, add to the scale and grow the business.  In our business the key multipliers are the number of:-

  • Client accounts (with multiple stakeholder relationships) to develop / grow and to avoid the risk of a single point of failure.
  • Sales / Client Delivery Directors to identify and win business.
  • Contacts from the whole internal team with past/present colleagues and customers – to give us access to additional decision makers and influencers across the market. 
  • Associate Partners and trusted bench of consultants to introduce us to their contacts and to deliver.
  • Strong ecosystem of Partners to expand our potential customer base and to support delivery –augmenting our capabilities, whether with niche skills, sector / client experience or geographical coverage
  • A small but strong delivery capability with the ability to work pre-sales and delivery
  • Recruiters (to find talent from the market where needed)

- Recruiters (to find talent from the market where needed)

  • Ensured our services solved the top priority issues clients were having.
  • Developed unique products and services which didn’t just follow the market.
  • Looked to demystify the consulting engagements.
  • Helped clients build their own capabilities to be self-sufficient, being collaborative, not ‘doing it to them’.
  • Acted as trusted advisors.
  • Rolled up our sleeves to get the job done, not just writing a report.
  • Kept our pricing very competitive.
  • Used our strong trusted bench to offer huge global capabilities to clients big and small, that could beat even the big consultancies.
  • Ensured we were easy to do business with, with simple contracts, money back guarantees (fairly unique for consultancies)
  • Kept our ethical and eco principles, planting trees for each week for each consultant engaged.

Presence – unless you are Apple, Google or Amazon you need to work on your presence in the marketplace. This needs constant attention for your social media in presence, your connections and your website.  As important, is your drive to meet and talk to people, making the effort for them!  It’s important to ensure you don’t just sell, you need to ensure you’re;

  • Sharing news about your company – what it’s doing, what difference it’s making etc.
  • Letting people get to know your team, making it personable (people buy from people of course)
  • Asking questions, start debates.
  • Giving insights, write articles that are useful and help others.
  • Offering advice / guidance – not always looking to make money on every conversation – as people know when you’re selling or listening.

- Repeatable commercial processes – the last one is often overlooked in growth, but it is vital. Fast growth can lead to fragmented processes, services and inefficiencies. By sweeping up behind the growth it ensures that success can be repeated and in a commercial way.   Keep your processes as simple as possible, ensure everyone is following them (or you know why – as maybe they need improving), look to minimise ‘hand-offs’ and ensure the status of a transaction in the process is clear and known at all times.   Ensure you learn and have a feedback loop to continually improve.  Of course, if you’re growing quickly, you can use a lot of simple tools and solutions to manage workflow and automate many of the manual steps.

Mr John Opsblum, Chief Commercial Officer - Illuminet Solutions