The importance of meta skills post pandemic

24 Nov 2021

It seems unarguable that automation and machine learning will reduce – perhaps eliminate – the demand for certain skills and occupations. Amidst a global crisis, meta skills are an essential underpinning of employability, supporting people to adapt and switch sectors as the economy recovers and changes.  


We don’t know what the economy will look like after the pandemic, or twenty or thirty years on from then, but we do know that labour market adaptability will be crucial. Meta skills give us a way of understanding how individuals will be equipped to adapt. 


SMEs and business leaders have a key part to play in supporting individuals to build meta skills, to support businesses’ coronavirus recovery efforts. These skills could be the key to individuals’ future wellbeing, economic mobility and even survival.  


We must look beyond purely academic and technical skills and focus on the core meta skills individuals need to be included in the labour market and society, skills and characteristics, such as; adaptability, problem solving and critical thinking are needed more now than ever. When the only constant is change, the only safe investment is in our ability to adapt. By developing mental fitness, confidence and resilience, we can support people to become the best version of themselves - positive about their future and ready to seize the opportunities that come their way. Opportunity, means and motivation – all three elements need to be in place in order to maximise human potential and create sustainable, far-reaching and impactful change across society. 


This seminar will explore in more detail the reasons why these meta skills are essential to the economy’s recovery and provide SMEs and senior decision makers with top tips on how to support individuals to build these vital meta skills. 

Philip Le Feuvre - NCFE