The value of good management for a successful business

25 Nov 2021
Keynote 4

Were you and your senior leadership team equipped to deal with the crisis caused by the pandemic? Organisations run by those with effective management and leadership skills pivoted quickly and efficiently enabling them to continue, and in some cases even prosper by spotting new opportunities. 


However, for many it has knocked confidence and caused stress both personally and professionally. Only 55% believe they have handled the crisis well and a huge 82% found the effect of the crisis emotionally severe affecting their ability to do the job.


So what were those skills that enabled the successful managers and leader to succeed?


The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the Chartered Body for Management and Leadership. For almost 75 years, we have worked with business and education to inspire people to become skilled, confident and successful managers and leaders. Our global community of over 150,000 professional managers regularly take part in research and though leadership that equips us with the knowledge and insights on how to turn the accidental manager into a better manager.


Over the past year we have undertaken two major research projects:


Management Transformed: Managing in a Marathon Crisis which explored the extraordinary challenges and new ways of working that emerged in 2020.


At a moment of unprecedented change, Management Transformed sought  to understand how managers were coping in this marathon crisis, how work and management responsibilities were changing, and the proven approaches that all managers and leaders needed to know.


More recently, we have been working with employers on the essential skills needed to be an effective manager and leader. What else is required outside of the technical skills to ensure you are prepared and ready for the unpredictable?


This seminar will explore the outcomes of both sets of research and explore how CMI have adapted and changed to support our community to ensure they are always ahead of the curve and ready for any challenge.


Our Chartered Managers, the highest accolade in professional management agree that since becoming Chartered their confidence has increased and their management skills improved with 76% agreeing it has had a positive impact on their wider team and the organisation. 


Introduced by CMI’s Director of Partner Sales Matt Swarbrick this is a must attend event for any manager serious about their career and the success of their organisation.

Matt Swarbrick, Director of Partner Sales