Top 10 Tips for Start-Ups

24 Nov 2021
Roughly 20% of start-ups get to celebrate their fifth birthday. That is just not right.
Using colourful and informative anecdotes from his time at Virgin as Head of Corporate Development, Brad hits
on the hard-hitting (sometimes) controversial issues guiding the audience through the many pitfalls start-ups’
face. Demystifying the secrets of the “successful entrepreneur” smokescreen that self-serving entrepreneurs like
to hide behind. Participants will understand how to confront the critical issues start-ups face. This seminar will let
them understand that you can be successful with the right application, and the right helping hand. Understanding
what to do and not to do at every stage of Start-Up development. The ultimate aim: to sell the business at a
premium whilst having a blast getting there.
Bradley Rosser, Founder - Better Stronger Faster