‘Who Needs a Dragon? How to start and grow your business debt-free.’

There is an underlying assumption that anyone who wants to start a business will need to get ‘funded’ in order to turn their idea into reality. After all, isn’t that what’s taught at business school? But this doesn’t have to be the case. Growing a business organically, with no-one breathing down your neck, no repayments to make, no bank covenants to breech, and no equity partner working purely for their exit, will give you freedom. Freedom to be creative, freedom to respond to market needs, freedom to make mistakes, freedom to win or fail – risk free. After all, in surveys of why people start businesses, a desire for ‘freedom’ is often quoted as one of the main reasons. This entertaining and enjoyable seminar will inspire you explore the alternative to third-party investment; from someone who did exactly that and lived to tell the tale.
Mr David Hawthorn, Author