Why B2B sales training alone won’t help you grow

24 Nov 2021

Most B2B companies know why their customers buy from them. They understand their product/service USPs and the value that they bring to their customers. Many have done some sales training, have built sales processes and maybe have a CRM system for managing all this.

So why is it that most B2B companies still don’t understand why one sales opportunity closed quickly and another, seemingly similar one, is still on the books 18 months later? Or why salespeople, genuinely, often over-promise on close dates? 

It turns out that a boutique consulting firm figured out what’s going on over a decade ago and made hay selling that knowledge to multinationals like Cisco, Fuji-Xerox, Airbus etc. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us are still in the dark, and our sales pipelines are testament to that.

Mark Cotgrove, Co-Founder / CEO - Visible Pathway Ltd