Why brand experience is the future of Search Engine Optimisation.

24 Nov 2021
SEO is a word that makes some people scared and some confused. In the digital marketing world, it is seen as something in between alchemy and programming. Search engines, especially Google, constantly evolve and try to change the way they select websites to “award” the most wanted top positions. With all that change, and exponential growth of the internet (almost 1.5 billion more websites in the last 10 years!), it is important to understand not only what this scary word was and is, but also where it’s going. Organic search, at its core, is designed to help us find a handful of the best results among millions of other websites and what “best” means is becoming less about alchemy and technical fixes, and more about your brand and the experience you provide to your customers. Think of Tesla and how their brand dominates the digital space without getting bogged down in meta descriptions and other technical buzzwords. I have a passion for aligning brands with their digital presence and how this strategic mindset leads to success in the long run.
Rafal Gemza - Digital Ethos