Why smart companies want more than meditation and mindfulness

25 Nov 2021

Meditation and mindfulness don’t work!


Employees need better strategies for managing stress and building resilience in today’s world. They need skills useful for ‘in the moment’ situations—difficult meetings, tense conversations, giving presentations—where stress levels can hit the ceiling. 


Unrolling a yoga mat in a stressful meeting is not yet the norm! 


If you’re serious about implementing a health and wellbeing programme that makes your staff feel valued because you understand their wellbeing needs, then come to our talk, ‘Why smart companies want more than meditation and mindfulness,' to find out more. 


The World Health Organization states that stress is the health epidemic of the 21st century.


The UK is experiencing record high levels of stress. Health issues and employee absenteeism have always been a direct result of work-related stress and anxiety, but lockdowns have compounded people’s fears and concerns about their jobs, health, finances and relationships. 


Stress does not discriminate and affects everyone from the CEO downwards. The pressure to survive and thrive is a priority for all businesses. It’s more crucial now for managers to understand the best way to work with and help employees who are looking for more than just a salary.


Increased wellbeing has become significantly more important, and the payoff to an organisation that can meet this need is increased employee engagement; happier, healthier staff; fewer staff taking time off for sickness; and lower turnover.  


Now more than ever, health and stress management must be properly delivered, practiced and embodied.  Power-point slides and meditation or mindfulness classes are insufficient because they fail to give people the skills to immediately reduce traditional fight, flight or freeze responses. 


Stress is scientifically recognised as a significant factor in chronic illness. The cost to companies to lay off staff and train new people due to mental or physical health issues leading to staff being off work is incalculable. 


Marian Bourne and Cindy Galvin are the co-founders of Catalyst Thinking, a company dedicated to achieving change through powerful solutions and creative strategies that meet the wide and complex needs of employees in a fast-changing and uncertain business environment.  They have over 50 years' combined experience working in the private health sector and corporate world as entrepreneurs and managers of large teams, who know how damaging stress is to health and wellbeing.  

Cindy Galvin, Director and Co-Founder - Catalyst Thinking