A robust, well thought out IP strategy is invaluable to any company. Attendees will gain invaluable insight on how your IP can be a key commercial asset leading to sustainable growth. Our sessions will focus on effective and practical steps to protect and monetise your brand and other IP assets whilst you grow your business.

TMOA is an established firm of IP professionals and we have partnered with other experts for this event to create an informative set of seminars to guide you through IP and related issues.  



11:00 - Introduction to IP: top tips for Business Owners

12.00 - How to create valuable IP: Ideas + Rights = Value

13:00 - IP Protection for the 21st Century - Cyber Security

14:00 - Disaster Recovery: protect your IP assets, whatever happens

15.00 - Maximising Value: IP advice from a Private Equity expert

16.00 - A Taste of IP: brand management, Q and A and an opportunity to network with the experts.


11:00 - Introduction to IP: top tips for Business Owners

12.00 - Disaster Recovery: protect you IP assets, whatever happens

13.00 - Maximising Value: IP advice from a Private Equity expert

14:00 - IP Protection for the 21st Century - Cyber Security

15.00 - How to create valuable IP: Ideas + Rights = Value

16:00 - A Taste of IP: brand management, Q and A and an opportunity to network with the experts


Highly experienced Lawyers, Brand Managers, Strategists and Investors will guide you on:

  • Creating and protecting value from your ideas, brands, innovations and know-how – your IP Assets.
  • Fund and build valuable IP assets cost efficiently, by making use of tax rules and accounting practices
  • Keep your IP assets safe, from predators and trading risk, whatever happens
  • Maximise the value of your business on investment or sale.



Paul Hayman

I was thrown into the world of IP when a plc attempted a hostile take-over of my parent’s business. The deep pocketed Corporate stopped their business from using its brands, its know-how, and recruited its staff. The business was all but dead in the water. Having just left a job in Corporate-land I stepped in to help my brother and father use the shred of IP that, by chance, remained. Together we pulled off a great escape, built a phoenix, which we grew, and eventually sold for a life changing sum in.

The experience taught me that IP has extraordinary value, but it is though extremely vulnerable. Over the last decade, the role of IP has become even more important. Ideas and IP are now the source of over 80% of a company’s value. This is not just the case for leviathans like Apple and Microsoft: my parents’ experience proves that IP is a source of value and vulnerability for us all. IP rights protect businesses from predators and potential pitfalls, and enable every company to enhance and fulfil the potential of its ideas. 

It’s been 10 years since my baptism of fire. Over that decade I’ve stayed in the deep end: investing in, recovering, growing and selling IP rich businesses. If I were to summarise what this experience has taught me it would be: Ideas + Rights = Value. An idea that I believe can help every business fulfil its potential.


Adam Pritchard

At the @London Business Show, as one of @TMOA - IP Attorney’s partners, @Linford Grey will be explaining how your business can leverage technology to simply and affordably insulate your Ideas and IP from trading risk and create new sources of profit. Ideas + Rights = Value.

Adam Prichard, Managing Director of the award-winning chartered accountants Linford Grey (Total Xero Winners 2021) who provide financial advisory and statutory compliance services to Medium Size businesses across the UK.

We find, there is often a conflict between the administration or compliance required and the strategic goals when protecting IP.  In summary, setting up and managing an SPV to manage IP takes time and effort every year, which for many directors is simply a distraction and not within their skill set.

However once the advisory, tax planning and asset protection have been set up, 99% of the work is about compliance – which is what we do for our clients. We make potentially expensive and complex  compliance efficient and accurate; and continue to manage the administrative details that enable our clients’  businesses reap the benefits.

Compliance is not particularly exciting, nor on the whole newsworthy. Still, if you are going to protect IP, you need good compliance, and most importantly, it has to be consistent and affordable. Linford Grey’s technology delivers simple and affordable compliance that both insulates your ideas from trading risk and creates new sources of profit. In a complicated world, it’s an easy win.


Andrew Roughan

As Plexal’s managing director, Andrew leads our innovation consultancy and is focused on convening communities to solve the challenges that matter most to society. 

He works directly with Plexal’s members to collaborate with them and support their growth journeys. Under Andrew’s leadership, Plexal has worked with the public sector and large enterprises to solve their digital challenges by delivering programmes and in-market experiments, or by helping them procure solutions from startups. And through Plexal’s LORCA programme, Andrew has helped create a thriving cybersecurity cluster that brings together enterprises, the government, academia, investors and startups. 

Andrew has spent the predominant part of his career in technology infrastructure sectors driving business transformation for enterprise clients and major cities.

Before joining Plexal he was the chief operating officer at Here East, where he was responsible for creating an ecosystem where large and small companies collide and helping Here East deliver on its legacy goals following the 2012 Olympic Games. 

Andrew first got involved with Here East in 2011 as a founding member of a team that successfully acquired a 200-year lease from the London Legacy Development Corporation to transform the former Press and Broadcast Centres in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.


Johnny Pawlik

Forbes featured and globally recognised communications leader Johnny J Pawlik helps ethics first organisations, driven by purpose and positive impact to competently and effectively brand and market themselves. Oxford-educated with over 21 years of international experience in branding, marketing, and strategy, Johnny has consulted with the European Parliament, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, British Members of Parliament, Members of the United Nations, the NHS, the UKTI, and a plethora of others. He's been featured on Good Morning Britain, the BBC Political Debates, BBC Radio, Osaka Radio, the Asahi Shimbun, and many others.   Johnny is the Founder and CEO of the international branding and marketing firm, Mantra Media, and the Co-Founder of the Japanese luxury retail brand, Atelier Japan. He is a human rights and mental health advocate supporting many organisations, causes, and societies on various boards. He's an Ambassador for the (IIC) Investors in Community, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce, a Guest Chair for the Intelligence Forums, and a member of Deloitte's Climate Action Coalition.


TMOA is an established firm of IP professionals with over 100 years of helping entrepreneurs and businesses create, protect, enforce and maximise value from Intellectual Property assets. We help entrepreneurial businesses to grow and build value by fulfilling the potential of their ideas.