In 2020, lockdown forced millions of UK workers to start working from home, many of which had never done so before. This new change meant businesses had to completely rethink the way they work. With many businesses realising that their workforce is able to successfully work from home, along with the substantial amounts saved on office costs and utilities, working from home is set to stay. 


As this is a relatively new way of working for many businesses, people are still looking at how to make this transition smoothly. Whether it’s setting up your new home office, utilising the latest technology to keep in touch with colleagues and clients or ensuring you’re looking after your health, Working From Home Live has all the products and services you need to work remotely successfully. 

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Hundreds of exhibitors showcasing everything you need to work from home successfully. Sectors include home office, structures, technology, IT software, Cloud solutions, unified communications, health and wellbeing, security, HR and recruitment, accounts and training and coaching.

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Hear from businesses who have made the transition to working from home permanently as well as companies setting the trends in home working. With seminars covering motivating employees, recruiting from home, using video calling and meeting software to have impactful conversations and much more!

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