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10x Growth

Strategic Coach

Truth: 10x growth is not only possible, it’s easier than you think.

At Strategic Coach, we're all about multiplying growth. While we used to encourage entrepreneurs to double their income and free time, we quickly realized that 2x just isn't enough of an incentive to make a real difference in your life or business. 

To experience real change, you have to go for 10x.

Working harder and longer doesn’t work.

Dan Sullivan, co-founder and president of Strategic Coach, explains, “When you set your sights on the goal of a 10x bigger future, something immediately happens to your thinking, innovation, decision-making, communication, and action. Incremental goals like 2x don’t engage people the same way intellectually or emotionally.”


At first, aiming for 10x growth might seem like it would require much more work, but the truth is that it’s actually easier. 


It’s just not possible to work 10x harder and 10x longer to achieve 10x growth. There aren’t enough hours in the day to go about it this way. You could work twice as hard and twice as long to achieve 2x growth, but that’s a small payoff for that much effort.


Instead, you need to experience real change and transformation, not just more of what you’re doing now. Working harder and longer won't cut it.


What does 10x look like?


To achieve true 10x growth, you must undergo a complete transformation in the way you run your business. 

10x growth requires working less than you are now. It requires a genuine shift in the way you operate. It means a total transformation in terms of how you run your business in order to include more teamwork and more delegation so that you’re personally freed up to focus on what you do best: innovating and providing the vision for your company.

When you’re freed up from the tasks and activities that simply use up your time but don’t give you energy, and your team takes over all the day-to-day tasks that keep the business running and bringing in predictable cash flow, you’re able to concentrate on improvements to your company and creating greater value for your clients and customers. You’re able to focus on the innovations that will be game changers in your business and industry. This is how real growth happens.

You’ve done it before.

Don't let the idea of 10x growth intimidate you. You’ve done it before. Simply look back to a time when your business was only one-tenth where it is now. You were able to grow your business 10x to where it is today, and your current level of growth feels normal. Once you reach that next level of growth, it too will feel normal.


To keep up in today’s constantly evolving society, 10x growth is a necessity. But don’t simply push yourself and your team to work more. Going 10x requires greater capabilities, confidence, teamwork, and vision. It means being smarter and more strategic. It means aiming not just for 10x greater income, but 10x greater freedom as well.


At Strategic Coach, we’ve created an entire membership program that’s designed to support entrepreneurs in growing 10x. Our quarterly workshops are your chance to step back and work on your business rather than in it. We give you the tools and space to think big, plan for the future, and get on track. Everything we do is designed with your bigger future in mind.


If growth is your goal, and 10x is in your future, you can learn more at

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