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The Benefits of Online Networking

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The world has changed, gone are the days of meeting face to face, in coffeeshops and other overpriced venues, gone are the £6.50 coffees and unfilling sandwiches, the Zoom era has begun and you know what…we at Simply Business Club couldn’t be happier. 

Why you may ask? Besides the obvious reasons above, we are mainly an online networking club, which we’re not going to lie, we didn’t know much about before the dreaded C word (covid). 

This is where our story really begins. We are a new business, we are starting out in the big bad business world, and then this little pandemic decided to come over and ruin it all for us! 

Which was a problem, because we are a networking club which involved physically meeting with people? Right? Wrong!! 

In steps, ONLINE NETWORKING! The old saying goes something like “not all superheros wear capes” and online networking was our superhero. Still networking, still like minded business owners, but in a safe, secure and easily accessible location. 

We started a pioneering online networking club, where the ethos was always around support first, and the business will follow. Gone were the fears of not being able to make it, because of the power of zoom and the digital revolution that we’re living in. 

So here, are our 4 favourite benefits from online networking - 

1. Accessibility - who doesn’t like wearing a shirt with the shorts hidden? Nobody, that's who. With online networking you get this, no more stress about having to make it to a
venue in the middle of nowhere at 6am. 

2. Affordability - zoom is so affordable for businesses, it makes our ability to put on affordable meetings easy. Meaning our membership is super cheap! 

3. Flexibility - We have 3 online meetings a week, which are spread across the week and at different times. Therefore meaning we have something for everyone.

4. Locality - No more fear that you live in London and your colleague lives in Edinburgh.

We can all network together, through the power of zoom again. It takes away all physical boundaries, as we have members in Sweden and Scotland and have had
visitors from Australia!

These benefits are the reason we’re still here today and thriving into something for the future. 

Come to one of our 3 online meetings per week, the first 4 you come to are free. Come see the buzz we’re building and you will see what we mean. 

Mondays @ 11am
Thursdays @ 12.30pm 
Friday @ 7.30am 

Over and out. SBC.

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