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06 May 2021

How the events research programme will help the events industry get back to business

The Business Show
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The government pilot events research programme will be used to provide scientific data and research into how all scale of events can be permitted to reopen safely on or after the 21st June. 

What you might have missed

The government pilot events research programme will be used to provide scientific data and research into how all scale of events can be permitted to reopen safely on or after the 21st June. 


The pilot will also look into how different approaches to social distancing, testing procedures and event ventilation would allow ease into opening at maximum capacity. Having a covid-status certification will also be in trial in accordance with the programme. 


Researchers will attend the events and gather evidence associated with different settings and approaches to manage and mitigate risk. They will also monitor crowd movements, to better understand how attendees behave in these environments.


The list of pilot events are as followed:

  • 18 April - FA Cup Semi-Final - Wembley - 4,000 people (outdoor seated)

  • 17 April - 3 May - Snooker World Championships - Sheffield Crucible Theatre - up to 1,000 people a day (indoor seated)

  • 25 April - Carabao Cup Final, Wembley - 8,000 people (outdoor, seated)

  • 28 April - Business Event, Liverpool - 1,000 people (indoor, seated and mixing)

  • 30 April - Circus Nightclub, Liverpool - circa 3,000 people (indoor club night)

  • 14 - 16 May - Luna Outdoor Cinema, Liverpool - 1,000 people (outdoor seated)

  • 15 May - FA Cup Final, Wembley, London - 21,000 people (outdoor, seated)

If you want to see more information about the rules and regulations at these events, click here! 


The light at the end of the tunnel 

Announced on Friday 30th April, Boris Johnson will be advised against social distancing in large scale events post June 21st, after the piloted trials showed there being no alarming spikes in new Covid cases. The four thousand fans who attended the FA cup semifinal between Leicester and Southampton, and the 8,000 who were allowed to watch the Carabao Cup final between Tottenham and Manchester City at Wembley, had to take both a PCR and a lateral flow test before and after each event. These results were then carefully scrutinised by scientists. 

The scientists on the board for the Events Research Programme, have found that many of the protective measures put in place are sufficient enough to stop the spread of the virus. The measures which were put in place included staggered entry, in addition to better ventilation at indoor venues. 


According to the Daily Telegraph, the early data from these trials will be presented to the Cabinet next week, giving the green light for crowds to return, with mitigating measures in place.


More pilot tests to be conducted 


The pilots, which started in April, will continue to provide information into the pipeline all the way throughout rather than waiting until the pilot is completed to determine the results, even promising to publish the results as early as May. 


On the 27th April it was announced that DCMS Committee chair Julian Knight MO wrote to secretary of state Oliver Dowden calling for the programme to be increased by up to 30 more pilot events over the summer, as well as cancellation insurance provided by the government to be extended to cover these. 


Knight commented that the Government liability, which enables the pilot events to go ahead, should be extended to cover a wider range of events and prevent any further cancellations. The Government is currently providing £300,000 in cancellation insurance for events taking place with this programme. 


Save the date

While Covid restrictions may be a thing of the past by the time the event takes place, The Business Show will still have mitigating measures in place for social distancing, and keeping you safe at the show with hand sanitisers, cleaning products, and much more. So join us at Europe's largest business show, returning on 24th & 25th of November.


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