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27 Feb 2024

Navigating International Talent Acquisition: Partner with a Result-oriented Agency that Guarantees Success

Best in Jobs Stand: B1734

In today's hyper-competitive global business landscape, organisations are constantly exploring ways to remain innovative and agile. In the dynamic fields of healthcare and hospitality, where exceptional staff can make all the difference, due to huge shortage of staff, international talent acquisition plays a pivotal role.

As a Best in Jobs, trusted international recruiting agency, we have:

  • Proven track record of recruiting hundreds of individuals in top job placements.
  • Successfully placed over 250+ candidates and established partnerships with 30 leading organizations in the UK.
  • Utilized cutting-edge technology to conduct the entire recruitment process virtually, facilitating global connections between employers and candidates.
  • Specializes in placing highly skilled professionals and focused on capacity building.
  • Treats partners as collaborators in achieving their hiring goals.
  • Boasts a remarkable 90% success rate in delivering hiring satisfaction.
  • Promised swift and efficient filling of vacant positions in as little as 4-6 weeks.

At Best in Jobs, we have identified competitive healthcare and hospitality professionals from across Europe and Asia, who have the expertise in the desired field. With the agency's support in handling visa applications and relocation logistics, the employer will be able to seamlessly integrate these international talents into their team, enhancing their reputation for world-class experiences. In 2023 the NHS England saw a notable increase in its workforce, including Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, and Scientists. Despite this growth, over 112,000 staff vacancies were reported in local NHS services. Demographic projections indicated a 55% rise in the population aged over 85 by 2037, surpassing trends in comparable countries. Without action, a staffing shortfall of 260,000 to 360,000 by 2036/37 is forecasted. So, recruitment agency can fulfil needs.

We are specialized in sectors Healthcare, IT, Hospitality, Management, Administration.

Testimonial by Meva, Human Resources: “Best in Jobs commitment to regular communication was exceptional. I was regularly updated on the progress of my applications, and any concerns or questions I had were promptly addressed. The feedback and guidance I received throughout the recruitment process were invaluable and greatly contributed to my success in securing a position that I am genuinely excited about.”



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