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21 Jun 2024

Sometimes It Feels Like We’re Juggling Flaming Swords While Riding a Unicycle

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As business owners, we set out with amazing dreams and hopes of being THE master of our own business destiny. We envision building a thriving business, with customers queued for miles, shouting from the rooftops about how amazing our product or service is… and still having time to enjoy life. 

But honestly, sometimes it feels like we’re juggling flaming swords while riding a unicycle! 

We end up overworked, overwhelmed, and wondering where the balance went, where the time keeps disappearing and why our bank account doesn’t quite reflect our blood, sweat and tears.

Where it all begins… 

We start with excitement and visions of success – and we can’t stop thinking about how amazing this is going to be (with a sprinkle of nerves)! 

We aim to grow our businesses, make an impact, and enjoy all the personal benefits – holidays, flexi-working, extra income. 

But as responsibilities pile up, the lines between work and life blur. Soon, late nights, early mornings, and working weekends become the norm... along with the phrase “it will only take me 2 minutes” … 2 hours later…  

That spark of passion can turn into a dragging chain of obligations, and before we know it, burnout is knocking on the door.

The common mistakes...
1. Believing that more hours equal more productivity - trust me, I’ve been there, done that, got the stress-induced wrinkles to prove it (and a sugar craving that I can’t quite kick into touch).
2.  We often put business goals above personal well-being and our relationships (bring on the feeling of being a failure “why can’t I do everything I want to do?”. But this is like trying to keep a plant alive without ever watering it.
3. The mountain of tasks is overwhelming, and we just don’t make the progress that we set out to make each day…leading to stress and a sense of losing control.

The Turning Point… 

Recognising the need for change is the first step! Here’s how we say enough is enough and make this “Sugar Honey Iced Tea” happen (read that again, it’s an acronym)

Time Management Strategies
Time is a non-renewable resource and it’s your most precious resource. So be selfish with it and let’s use it wisely:
Prioritise Tasks - Focus on high-impact tasks that drive growth. The Eisenhower Matrix can help distinguish between urgent and important tasks.
Set Boundaries - Create clear boundaries between work and personal time. Respect these boundaries to ensure personal and family time.

Delegation and Outsourcing
Trying to do everything yourself is a one-way ticket to Burnoutville, so… 

  • Your Strengths - Focus on tasks that align with your strengths and delegate the rest. This may mean short-term financial impact, but I promise this is long-term gain. 

  • Supportive Team - Invest in a team you can trust. Empower them to take ownership of tasks and build a network of great people around you.

Mindset and Productivity
Our mindset is crucial to achieving work-life balance:

  • The Growth Mindset - challenges = opportunities for growth. Celebrate small wins and progress. In success lies the recipe for success… so enjoy that too! 

  • Boost Productivity - Invest in software and automation tools to streamline processes. Recognise the difference between needs and wants and focus on what truly drives your business forward.

Relinquishing Control
Letting go can be tough, but it’s necessary! 

  • Delegate - You don’t have to do everything yourself. Delegate tasks to those who have the skills and expertise to handle them effectively. Free up your time to focus on strategic initiatives and high-impact activities!

  • Accept Imperfection – what is perfect to you might not be for your ideal customer…so stop striving for perfection. Get “stuff” done, make sure it is correct (correct isn’t the same as perfect!) and move on to what’s next. This mindset shift will not only reduce your stress but encourage you to take some risks and innovate.


Success isn’t about perfection—it's about progress, persistence, and prioritising what truly matters. 

It's not about doing everything; it's about doing what matters most. 

Reclaim your mornings, cherish your evenings, and make time for what makes you smile.

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