E-zone Show Info - 3. Setting up, Show day and Breakdown

 Setting up your stand on the build up day

It is advisable to set your stand up on the build up day, rather than the day of the show.

Just in case you have forgotten to bring something or something breaks. You will have time to source it or fix it on Tuesday, but on Wednesday morning there will be queues.

Build and Break times of your stand

Build Up Times

Monday 22nd November 2021

Space only stands have access from - 8am – 6pm
Shell scheme stands – No access today
Deliveries from 8am – 6pm

Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Space only stands access from 8am – 8pm
Shell Scheme Stands access from 12pm – 8pm
Deliveries Times 8am – 6pm

Show Open Times

Wednesday 24th November 2021

10am – 6pm (Exhibitors have access to halls from 8am)
Deliveries Times 8am – 8pm

Thursday 25th November 2021

10am – 5pm (access to halls from 8am)
Deliveries Times 8am – 5pm

Breakdown Times

Thursday 25th November 2021

5pm – 9pm

At the show

Brief your staff each day, ensure they are reminded of the overall goals, key messages and their individual roles. Remind them to turn off their mobiles and not to eat on the stand. Use open questions when speaking to potential clients.

Make sure everyone on the stand has a lead-tracking form of some description for recording important information about potential and existing clients. Capturing the highlights of conversations can be quite difficult, encourage all those manning the stand to spend a couple of minutes ensuring all the relevant information is captured and that it makes sense.

It is also very important that you classify the leads you gain form the exhibition in terms of the potential of making a sale. This way it is quite clear which clients are a priority when you set about following them up.

Keep asking yourself, "Are we meeting our objectives?" throughout the show. For example your sales staff may be spending too much time entertaining existing clients when the main objective may be to attract an ambitious number of new leads. Think through how the stand is going to work in terms of your team. You might like to adopt a filter system to ensure your key sales people are dealing with the red-hot leads.

During the show there are a few opportunities for you to build on your existing promotion. The key journalists will be at the event so it is a good idea to visit the pres office or any stands they have to tell them what you're doing on your stand and as a company. Ensure you are in conversation with the show organiser, do they know your plans? Have they included your literature in the show press office?