E-zone Show Info - 4. After the show

The first step is to follow your leads immediately. Be careful to read through them paying particular attention to any special note like; "This customer is very busy at the moment, contact in a month's time". Being the first to follow up is not always a good thing.

Remember that tracking your leads does not stop when you've collated all the lead forms after the show. Leads may take several months to convert so ensure you are tracking their progress at regular intervals after the event and capturing information throughout the process.

Assess how successful the event was. What worked well? What areas could have been better and how? What have you learnt? What would you change next time round? Get all this information down while it's fresh in your mind – it is easily forgotten once you're back in the office.

If you have any success stories form the show share them with us – this could lead to more coverage in show reviews.

Stands for the next event will typically come on a first-come first-served basis. If, after your initial evaluation, you are confident that exhibiting at next year's show is a good idea, visit the show sales office without delay. You may well be able to secure a superior position to the one that you have currently.