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28 May 2024

The Code Registry Launches New Patent-Pending AI Quotient™ (AIQ) Feature to their revolutionary Code Intelligence and Insight Platform.

The Code Registry Launches New Patent-Pending AI Quotient™ (AIQ) Feature to their revolutionary Code Intelligence and Insight Platform.
The AI Quotient™

This pioneering development represents the first AI enabled SaaS feature of its kind, designed to empower business leaders and IT professionals by providing a quantifiable AI-based score that identifies potential improvements within their codebases utilizing new AI code development tools and services. 

AIQ™ utilizes sophisticated AI technology to scan any company’s code base, assessing it for common coding pitfalls, quality issues, and structural inefficiencies. By evaluating these elements, AIQ™ assigns a dynamic score representing what percentage of the code could be enhanced with the aid of AI-driven tools such as co-pilots and coding assistants. 

“Our AI Quotient is not just a metric; it’s a transformational new feature that propels code quality forward,” said Mark Purdy, CEO & Co-Founder of The Code Registry. “AIQ helps our users understand the untapped potential of their software assets, guiding them on where AI can make a substantial impact.”

There has been a significant surge not only in the number of AI-driven code generation tools, such as GitHub Copilot, Codex and Amazon Code Whisperer, entering the market but also in their adoption by the development community. These tools promise to revolutionize software development by significantly speeding up the coding process. While they offer exciting potential, it is crucial for business leaders to first gain a thorough understanding of their existing codebase. The AI Quotient™ provides this foundational insight, ensuring that companies are well-informed and can make strategic decisions on how to best integrate these new AI capabilities for maximum benefit.

The AIQ™ feature is integrated directly into The Code Registry’s existing user-friendly platform and real-time reporting where users can immediately see a dynamic score chart. This chart not only displays the improvement potential but also invites users to explore detailed analyses, offering deep dives into specific areas of their code that could benefit from AI enhancements. 

This latest innovation supports The Code Registry’s commitment to making software knowledge accessible to all, demystifying complex technological processes and empowering business leaders with actionable insights. 

“In the current technological landscape its easy to be overwhelmed with the number of new AI related services and products being released, especially within the coding assistant and developer tool spaces”, added Stephen Gray, Co-Founder & CTO of The Code Registry. “By using our AI Quotient businesses can first make sense of how their digital assets could be enhanced or improved by these new AI tools, before wasting time and money” 

The AI Quotient™ is now available to all users of The Code Registry, cementing the company’s position as a forward-thinking pioneer in the realm of AI-powered code analysis. 

For more information about AIQ™ and to see how it can transform your coding operations, why not sign-up for an account today and take the first steps to understanding your code. Sign-Up >>