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16 Feb 2024

The experts in fast, effective enforcement

High Court Enforcement Group Stand: B1526

High Court Enforcement Group specialises in enforcement across England and Wales under the direction of an experienced team of authorised High Court Enforcement Officers and certificated enforcement agents, backed up by trained welfare teams and sophisticated case management software and systems.

What makes us stand out

We’ve got the skills and experience to get you effective solutions and are recognised for our unparalleled professional integrity, our ethical approach and our ability to deliver effective, proactive enforcement and eviction enforcement solutions for solicitors, businesses, landlords and individuals.

We have a nationwide team of enforcement agents who are fully trained and certificated. They are recognised for their extensive local knowledge and commitment to upholding the values of responsibility and accountability. They are dedicated to firm but fair enforcement.

How we enforce your judgment

Our free transfer up service enables all County Court judgments over £600 (except where the judgment arises from a regulated agreement under the Consumer Credit Act 1974) and under six years old to be transferred to the High Court for enforcement by one of our High Court Enforcement Officers.

Instructing HCE Group to act on your behalf is quick and simple. All we require is a copy of the sealed judgment and any further information on the debtor you have. We can transfer the action out of the County Court and into the High Court for fast, effective enforcement. All you pay is the HMCTS court fee for the writ of control (£71).

We believe that determination leads to results. We will, on the receipt of the writ at the office, issue a notice of enforcement to the debtor. If they do not pay after this notice, an enforcement agent will visit the debtor to take control of their goods. We will then report to you direct, as to the action that has been taken.

Where we recover your judgment and costs in full, we also collect £71 court costs and interest at 8% per annum for you. Our fees and charges are paid by the debtor upon successful recovery.

You can instruct us on our website and our Client Services team is available to answer your questions and recommend next steps.

Our wider range of services

When you need an eviction to regain possession of your land or property we’re here to help. HCE Group specialises in the safe removal of squatters/trespassers from illegally occupied land or buildings throughout England and Wales.

We work in partnership with the police and have authority to use powers of arrest. We operate within the framework of British and European law to deliver a firm but fair solution to your land disputes.

Our national coverage allows us to access and deploy substantial resources and fully trained specialists to attend to your specific requirements and disputes. We have a proven track record in ensuring the safe, successful and ethical removal of illegal occupiers – even in the most challenging of circumstances.

Our exceptional success rate is built on these four simple steps:

  • Prompt assessment for risk and operational needs
  • Operational plan created and agreed
  • Operational plan implemented then enforced
  • Land handed back to you, the landowner

We can do this through the execution of a High Court writ of possession or using the rights available to a landowner under Common Law.

Find out more

Come and visit us on stand 450 during the exhibition, or give us a ring on 08450 999 666.